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Not Your Average CEO

JG (Retouched)Ego Free Media Group CEO John Graham is not your typical CEO. In fact he’s more like the Un-CEO of CEO’s. John’s approach to business is similar to his approach as a former recording artist. Raise the standards and encourage the world to surpass the status quo.

John Graduated from Lincoln University PA (America’s first Historically Black College) with a B.S. in African Studies and shortly after went on to get his Masters in Education.  Recognizing the limitations of sticking to a school curriculum, he opted not to go into teaching. Instead he realized that the world was a classroom.

His professional career as an analyst for several industry leading corporations gave him the business acumen required to effectively navigate the boardroom battlefield. But something was missing. Taking his natural talents for sales and combining them with his inherent passion for music, John decided to embark on the journey of becoming a recording artist. Along the way he honed his skills in marketing, branding, and social media strategy and was able to create a brand that has reached across continents.

John suggests that “Being successful often times doesn’t mean being the smartest person in the room. Instead the successful people are those who know the value of building genuine relationships.” This perspective has afforded him opportunities to consult a broad range of entertainers, thought leaders, and creative visionaries and become a trusted adviser. His dedication to seeing clients achieve their dreams is bread out of his own journey to leave the world a better place than when he arrived.

John lives in Chester County, Pennsylvania with his wife Sana and their two children. In his spare time John is highly active with his Masonic lodge, working with community service projects, vegetarian cooking, or writing and recording music.

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