Millennials In Corporate America: We Hate Your Hierarchies


by John Graham   Have you ever felt like you’re the only sane one in the room? Like when you’re trying to explain something to someone and no matter how […]

Your company may be the Kanye West of your industry.

Kanye West GQ 2

Written by John Graham   I have visions of standing in front of a room full of executives at one of the largest retail companies in the world with a […]

How Long Can You Afford to Ignore Millennials?


By John Graham   1.4, 73, 95… Do these numbers mean anything to you? Maybe not yet, but by the end of this quick read they may change your perspective […]

How $5 Could Make Your Brand More Visible Online


Every company or brand is trying to figure out the best ways to increase traffic to their websites, get more likes, followers, and fans and be more visible online. Rightfully […]

Why Beyonce May Have Saved The Album!

Let me first say that whether you’re a Beyonce fan or not, you can not deny that she is extremely talented and has an amazing brand. Every album or endeavor […]

3 Reasons Why Your Brand Isn’t Being Taken Seriously


We come across a lot of interesting things in this business of branding and marketing. Whether its people doing outlandish stunts to go viral ( i.e. Jimmy Kimmel’s Twerk Fail) or […]

Case Study: Sheronda Seawright Photography – From Photography Business To Wedding Photography Brand

SS Portrait

Background/Challenge CamSea Photography contacted us to help them re-brand their company from the ground up. Initially, they were a photography company that did everything from family portraits, to artist headshots […]

The YouTube Hot 100: Billboard to Include YouTube Buzz In Chart Rankings


Written by Tatiana Reynolds The music industry is stepping further out of its comfort zone in an effort to embrace the digital frontier. New measures are being implemented to track […]

Extreme Marketing: Nipsey Hussle Charges $100 for His New Mixtape

Nipsey 1

  How Much is Your Hussle Worth? By Tatiana Reynolds You cannot have a conversation about innovative digital marketing campaigns in the music industry without including Nipsey Hussle and his […]

Interview: Marc Ecko The Insanely Honest Entrepreneur

marc ecko

There are few interviews that get as deep and as honest as this one. If you’re looking to improve yourself as a brand or as an entrepreneur than you need […]

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