Brand Solutions

Messaging & Brand Plan Development

When done properly, brand management and marketing are ongoing strategies and tactics that will enhance the visibility of and build a long-lasting recognition of your brand in the marketplace. EFMG believes in the power of consistent brand campaigns, but we also know the value of refreshing brand collateral and materials. From email marketing to establishing brand loyalty among your clients to maintaining an effective online marketing campaign, our brand management services ensure that you do not miss an opportunity to reach your intended audience.


Developing an effective brand representation begins with understanding the images and language that will speak to your brand and brand foundation. EFMG will work with you to create the core brand foundation that all other branding and marketing materials will be supported by. Based on the brand foundation, we will create a positioning statement that speaks to the specific product or service offering of your brand. We will craft a brand promise that will communicate to customers, investors, and your industry what they can expect from you and your brand. If your brand does not have a logo, or needs a logo refreshed, our talented graphic designers will create a logo that visually communicates your brand statements.

Graphic Development

Graphic development is an essential component to effective and successful marketing campaigns. Our graphic designers are skilled in working with a wide range of formats, design tools and programs, and are both creative and flexible with their designs. EFMG graphic designers are an integral part of your project and their goal is to visually convey your brand with the images, language, and format that best meet your needs. From large brand campaign posters to unique event flyers, there is no creative challenge that our designers cannot meet.

Website Design & Development

Any brand, no matter its size or industry, should have a website that represents the brand visually and provides information for potential clients or fans.  Our website design services include front-end page design, customized content management system creation, search engine optimization options, and the training necessary for you or your team to actively use and manage your website once launched. From building new websites from scratch, to building mobile version of your current website, to refreshing outdated looks, to upgrading the technology of existing websites, we have the capabilities and insight to work within your website needs.


The words used to describe a specific product, service, company, or brand are critical to communicate a message that is clear, that is in line with brand foundation, and that speaks to the appropriate audience. EFMG writes copy that supports and promotes your brand in its best light, whether it is a tag line to accompany a logo, ad copy, brochure content, or online content.



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