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Millennials In Corporate America – The Work Work Balance

Millennials, ego free media group, work

by Bree Kelley   Seven seconds – the average attention span of an individual in today’s society. I never believed that to be true, until I tried to sit down […]

Millennials In Corporate America: Run From The Factory

Millennial Factory Feature

by John Graham   You don’t need permission to be great! ~ Seth Godin   This phrase has been running through my mind on constant loop for about a week […]

What If Selma Had Social Media


by CJ Witherspoon   Imagine A 17 year old boy in the deep south joining thousands of others in a demonstration protesting the gross mistreatment of people in his community. […]

Your company may be the Kanye West of your industry.

Kanye West GQ 2

Written by John Graham   I have visions of standing in front of a room full of executives at one of the largest retail companies in the world with a […]

Why Beyonce May Have Saved The Album!

Let me first say that whether you’re a Beyonce fan or not, you can not deny that she is extremely talented and has an amazing brand. Every album or endeavor […]

Interview: Marc Ecko The Insanely Honest Entrepreneur

marc ecko

There are few interviews that get as deep and as honest as this one. If you’re looking to improve yourself as a brand or as an entrepreneur than you need […]

Innovators & Disruptors: Great Inspiration by Great Scott McKenzie

It’s not often that you get an opportunity to meet the next Russell Simmons or the next Gary Vaynerchuk, but when you find yourself fortunate enough to encounter a visionary […]

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