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Gen Y Asks: When Did You Lose Your Why?

ego free media group, millennials, gen y

by John Graham People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” ~ Simon Sinek   When did you stop believing? You the CEO, when did you […]

Periscope – The Evolution of Social Voyeurism

Voyeurism Feature 1

by John Graham   It’s always great to watch a new social platform in its beginnings. The creators of the platform have some ideas on how it should be used […]

What If Selma Had Social Media


by CJ Witherspoon   Imagine A 17 year old boy in the deep south joining thousands of others in a demonstration protesting the gross mistreatment of people in his community. […]

Relevant Content – Long Live The Queen

The queen (Feature)

by John Graham   Where were you in 1996? Take a moment and think back to what was going on that year. Bill Clinton was President of the United States. […]

What’s “Like” Got To Do With It?

Likes and love feature

by John Graham   Digital marketers are facing a serious dilemma. Whether you’re a social media manager, a content marketer, or a blogging superstar, you’re faced with producing results for […]

Would Millennials Miss You If You Were Gone?

Millennials Miss You Feature

by John Graham   Recently, a friend of mine sent me an article that she thought I’d find interesting. I flagged it to come back and read it later being […]

Nationwide Chose The Wrong Side

Nationwide feature

By John Graham   At this point the buzz has died down from the Super Bowl and has since been replaced with Kanye West rants at the Grammy’s. So it’s […]

Content Marketing: Because Millennials Are Immune To The Sell

Content Marketing

by John Graham When’s the last time you actually clicked on an ad? Seriously, if you’re like me than you’re beyond annoyed by popup ads. Especially the ones that force […]

Millennials In Corporate America: We Hate Your Hierarchies


by John Graham   Have you ever felt like you’re the only sane one in the room? Like when you’re trying to explain something to someone and no matter how […]

Your company may be the Kanye West of your industry.

Kanye West GQ 2

Written by John Graham   I have visions of standing in front of a room full of executives at one of the largest retail companies in the world with a […]

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