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The queen (Feature)

by John Graham


Where were you in 1996? Take a moment and think back to what was going on that year. Bill Clinton was President of the United States. Mad cow disease hit the UK, and The Macarena was a worldwide phenomena. Windows 95 was the dominant operating system of the day and Microsoft was the Apple of it’s time. The internet as we know it was a toddler. Wi-Fi still hadn’t been standardized so we all had to listen to that annoying hiss and Matrix-esque sound of a dial-up modem boot up to connect to the World Wide Web (Kryptonite for teenage boys late at night). Alta Vista was the Google of its day and CD-Rom’s were the only way we saw video’s on the computer. There were only around 100,000 websites in 1996. Now there are over 861 million registered domains in existence. Another product of 1996 was an iconic phrase made by none other than the father of personal computing Bill Gates. This phrase would become the basis for such publications as the Huffington Post, TMZ, Kim K. and Kanye West. Bloggers and multi-billion dollar brands alike have embraced this phrase as a way of survival in the digital landscape. He predicted in 1996 that the majority of real internet revenue would come by way of content. His statement was only 3 words, but they would forever change the course of digital marketing. “Content Is King.” I don’t think he had any idea of how right he would be…

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Fast forward to 2015 and now content is truly king. The content explosion is no joke. According to Newstex between the birth of the modern world and 2003 human beings created 5 exabytes (1 Exabyte = 1 Billion Gigabytes) worth of content. In 2013, 5 exabytes of content were created each day. If that’s not enough you have nearly 39% of the world actively using the internet daily and each one of them is either looking for something specific or actively trying to get you to look at something specific. If content is truly King then in today’s over saturated digital kingdom relevant content is Queen!

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In many cases the queen had more power than the King himself because of her beauty and ability to charm and attract. Thus why content today may fill up the space but relevant content is what people seek out and declare their loyalty to. If you’re not producing relevant content than you’re essentially standing up a king with no real power. No one respects a king who only holds the throne in title alone. Therefore, let your queen reign  supreme and tailor your content to meet the needs and desires of your target audience. Develop a voice that speaks authentically, be social and be in tune with your audience. Elevate your content by being human first, then be a marketer or salesperson second.

If you’re a musician looking for people to download your latest single or album then don’t ask them to download your single or album. Instead, create interesting content that allows them to make a connection with you and your motivations, struggles, and experiences. Your music or product becomes more interesting when the audience can identify their own experiences in your story. If you’re selling apparel and accessories than share the stories on how your suppliers source your materials or the individual stories of your designers and their approach to technical design. If you provide consulting services then your blog should be covering the subjects that you are passionate about that can be of great benefit to prospective clients.

No matter what your product, service or brand, you are contending with way more noise than ever before in human history. If you’re ascending to the throne or clinging to the scepter of industry royalty then you must embrace a “Relevant content is queen” philosophy or you may find yourself facing the digital equivalent of the French revolution!

BTW, I hope you didn’t think you’d escape this!


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