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What If Selma Had Social Media


by CJ Witherspoon   Imagine A 17 year old boy in the deep south joining thousands of others in a demonstration protesting the gross mistreatment of people in his community. […]

What’s “Like” Got To Do With It?

Likes and love feature

by John Graham   Digital marketers are facing a serious dilemma. Whether you’re a social media manager, a content marketer, or a blogging superstar, you’re faced with producing results for […]

Content Marketing: Because Millennials Are Immune To The Sell

Content Marketing

by John Graham When’s the last time you actually clicked on an ad? Seriously, if you’re like me than you’re beyond annoyed by popup ads. Especially the ones that force […]

The YouTube Hot 100: Billboard to Include YouTube Buzz In Chart Rankings


Written by Tatiana Reynolds The music industry is stepping further out of its comfort zone in an effort to embrace the digital frontier. New measures are being implemented to track […]

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