Consulting Projects

Jin+Ja is a fun and exciting startup beverage company that delivers an amazing tasting product that is taking the U.S. by storm. We worked side by side with Jin+Ja to help develop their brand voice in digital space. We've designed some exciting campaigns to increase awareness of their brand across digital platforms as well as activate their existing customer base as brand advocates.
We got the opportunity to work with Johnny Popcorn as a result of working with the lead member Hezekiah. Johnny Popcorn is a unique soul fusion band from Philadelphia that has a sound like no one else out. We consulted JP on their social media and website content strategies. They wanted more followers, fans, and views and we helped them to achieve just that. Our consulting helped them to gain over 11k followers on Twiter, and over 1,200 new Facebook fans.

Sometimes what we really need is a trusted adviser to give us the guidance and direction we need to fully develop our ideas. If you’re uncertain of how to implement your social media strategy, or not quite sure what to call your new blog, EFMG has a consulting solution that can help you give shape to your ideas. Here are some of our clients that have utilized and implemented our consulting solutions for their projects.


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