Web Design Projects

The Marketing Insider Group recognized a gap in the market: They provide consultants who have built successful marketing programs from the inside. They know the challenges, the politics, the budget constraints, and the pressure to show real results.
Master Plan is the creative incubator and production company founded by Nannette Brown to bring television style programming and a new user experience to audiences.
TAST, a digital platform that transforms the way TV audiences view interactive content, was founded on the premise that authenticity and beauty matter to viewers who seek to engage with television, talent and content in a more meaningful and accessible way.

Master Plan brings a different creative lens to its shows making its productions the first user-driven models.
Reset 21 offers a range of 21 day reset experiences to help you conquer the challenges that hinder you from living a fulfilling life. Their uniquely designed holistic services are delivered both digitally and through 1 on 1 coaching sessions to address mental, physical, or spiritual health.
We developed the brand from the ground up. Logo design, web design, and have helped develop the social media strategy.
Philadelphia's premier gourmet coffee shop and marketplace. Where real people gather.
We were given the great honor of helping Sheronda re-brand her company. She wanted to transform her already thriving general photography business into the premier choice for engagement and wedding photography in the Philadelphia metro area. We worked side by side with her and her team to deliver a logo, color palette, and website that really communicated a wedding feeling. Some of the descriptive words we used to help describe the brand feeling were classic, timeless, elegant, gallant. The end result was a phenomenal website that was optimized to showcase her amazing photography and also to help her clients and potential clients get to know more about her as a brand.
From Man 2 Man is a project that honors and extends the legacy of Dr. Shawn L. White AKA Air Smooth. Shawn was a father, friend, emcee & producer as well as a PHD who touched the lives of many. This site was dedicated to his memory and his work of serving the community to uplift, educate, and encourage young black men to be better by doing better.
The digital home of Philadelphia Recording Artist Realysm
Web Designer: E. Sofolawe
Web home to thought leader and comic creator Armani Scott
Web Designer: @ESofolawe
The digital home of the Most Worshipful Eagle Grand Lodge of Delaware AF&AM SRM
Web Designer: @TheIMAdvisors

If you’re looking to separate yourself from the billions of others living in social media apartments then you’ll want to invest in a website. A website is the equivalent of your home on the web. Everything about this space can be customized and tailored to fit your needs. Your landing page is like the foyer in your home, giving your guests/visitors a warm welcome and establishing the experience they’re about to have. EFMG ensures that all of the rooms/pages of your website are purposefully decorated to ensure that whoever finds themselves privileged enough to be your guest will find value in the experience.


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